Hello! I’m Joey Kissane. A technologist at heart with a diverse journey that spans from technology support in educational settings to entrepreneurship in real estate and memorial flowers. My curiosity and passion for learning have led me to explore a wide range of interests, from the complexities of computer programming to the mysteries of ancient civilizations and beyond.

Professional Journey

My professional path has been anything but linear. Starting out as a lifeguard during my high school and college years, I ventured into the realm of real estate, managing a portfolio of rental properties. This entrepreneurial spirit carried over to Kissane’s Memorial Flowers, a venture I’ve nurtured since 1999, focusing on creating meaningful cemetery decorations. Between these entrepreneurial endeavors, I dedicated time to supporting teachers and staff at Marion Community Schools as a Technology Support Specialist, leveraging my expertise in computer information systems and business administration.

Educational Background

My academic journey began at Indiana Wesleyan University. I earned a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with a double concentration in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. This foundational education gave me a broad perspective, crucial for navigating and effectively integrating technology solutions across diverse contexts.

Building upon this foundation, I have continued to expand my knowledge and explore my interests through further education. Most recently, I pursued additional studies at Southern Wesleyan University, where I completed online courses in the New Testament, Theology, and Old Testament. These courses have enriched my understanding and appreciation for religious studies, adding depth to my multifaceted interests. This recent education reflects my commitment to lifelong learning. It enhances my ability to examine and discuss topics at the intersection of technology, history, and spirituality with a more informed perspective.

Interests and Passions

At the heart of my journey lies a deep-seated value for family and connection. Spending quality time with my family is a cherished activity and the cornerstone of my life. It provides balance, joy, and the resilience to explore my multifaceted interests. My emphasis on family values and the importance of kinship has significantly shaped my interest in genealogy. Tracing my ancestry transforms into a meaningful quest to understand the narratives that stitch together the fabric of our existence beyond merely exploring history. It’s a reflection of my intrigue with ancient civilizations and the complex stories of humanity, offering a personal dimension to my broader fascination with history and culture.

Beyond the bounds of family and heritage, my interests span a broad and varied spectrum. From the complexities of artificial intelligence and the vast expanse of space exploration to the subtle interactions between technology and society, my curiosity knows no bounds. Ancient civilizations, the mechanics of politics, and the latest in medical advancements captivate me, offering endless avenues for discovery and understanding.

Photography and digital photo editing allow me to capture and reimagine the world through a creative lens, while my passion for space-themed movies and TV shows indulges my love for the celestial and the speculative. My diverse hobbies, including the adrenaline rush of roller coasters and the tranquility of vacations, reflect my pursuit of learning and experience in all its forms.

Central to my explorations are the realms of religion and philosophy. The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is more than a religious text. It’s a gateway to the Ancient Near East, unveiling the cultures, politics, and daily lives of past civilizations. My study of Christianity complements this spiritual journey through the New Testament, enriching my grasp of historical and spiritual contexts.

The dynamics of politics and the allure of conspiracy theories also engage me, not for speculation but for the profound questions they pose about knowledge, truth, and the stories we tell. Meanwhile, philosophical discussions offer a forum to tackle the ethical, metaphysical, and existential dilemmas stirred by technology, religion, and societal shifts. These dialogues are more than intellectual exercises, offering pathways to deeper connections with the rich fabric of life.

In weaving together these threads of technology, history, culture, and personal values, I navigate a world rich with complexity and wonder, ever eager to learn, share, and connect with others on this fascinating journey.

Closing and Invitation

As I continue to inquire into and share my insights on technology, lifestyle, and the myriad wonders of our world, I warmly invite you to join me on this journey. Whether it’s through my articles, product recommendations, or a mutual fascination with the marvels around us, let’s explore the endless possibilities together.

Openness to New Opportunities

Navigating the vast landscapes of technology, culture, and history, I find myself constantly on the cusp of discovery, eager for new challenges and avenues for learning. My journey, marked by a collection of diverse experiences, from spearheading businesses to enhancing technology in education and delving into the depths of ancient civilizations and the intricacies of religion, has prepared me for change and fueled my desire to venture into new horizons.

This diverse path has cultivated in me a readiness to embrace transformation and a keen interest in opportunities that resonate with my varied interests and professional expertise. Whether it involves leveraging my technology skills, deepening my exploration of historical and religious mysteries, or addressing complex social and political questions, I am enthusiastic about roles that promise growth, innovation, and meaningful impact.

If you or your organization are looking for someone with a broad perspective, a fervent passion for lifelong learning, and a dedication to making a significant difference, I am eager to see how my experiences and interests might align with your objectives. I am open to considering employment opportunities that offer the chance for growth, innovation, and contributing to exciting endeavors.

Please feel free to connect with me via my blog or social media or by dropping an email at [email protected]. I am always open to your thoughts, inquiries, and possibilities for collaboration. Your engagement is highly valued and warmly welcomed!